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Emerald Ash Borer

IMA-Jet, The Award Winning EAB Treatment

Arriving in North America in 2002, the Emerald Ash Borer is an Asian beetle that attacks and destroys all species of ash. This very destructive borer causes the death of infected trees in less than 3 years, necessitating an expensive removal and depriving you of the benefits of a mature tree.


  • Declining crown
  • “S” shaped larval galleries just under the bark.
  • “D” shaped exit holes. The holes pierced by the borer are about 4 mm in diameter.
  • Feeding notches on foliage. The leaves seem to be gnawed by insects. The mature EAB feeds on
    ash leaves, cutting round concave shapes around the edges.


You have a beautiful ash tree on your property. Unfortunately, EAB has now reached your area and threatens the wellbeing of your tree. What to do? It’s a tough choice. Here is some information to help you make the right decision.

  • WAIT

Your tree does not show symptoms of the problem? It may seem wise to wait and see but it would be a mistake for several reasons.

Your tree can be infested without you knowing
First, the fact that your tree does not present any obvious symptoms does not mean that it’s not infested. Ash borer larvae wreak havoc inside your tree in a way that’s almost invisible to a non-expert eye. Visible signs may only appear later.

It can be difficult to save the tree if infestation is too advanced
Second, it’s when the tree is still healthy or in the early stages of infestation that treatment is most effective.  It may take a while before the visible signs appear and it’s often too late because infestation is too advanced at that point.

Prevention is key in saving your tree
Third, the treatment is 5 times more effective when applied preventively. If you are in a zone at risk, your trees have nearly 100% chance of being infested and eventually dying. Waiting just means having to eventually cut it down. Is it really what you want?

  • CHOP

You could wait for your tree to eventually die and have it cut down. You should be aware that this choice has several negative consequences:

The landscape of your neighbourhood and your property will be degraded significantly with the loss of hundreds of mature trees. You should opt for treatment and encourage your neighbours to do the same in order to avoid this unfortunate situation that will take decades to recover even if every tree removed is immediately replaced.

The air quality of a specific area is highly correlated to the number of trees within it, which will absorb CO2 and release the oxygen we breathe. Fewer trees means that the air quality also declines. Urban wildlife use trees for protection and food. When you think that the dominant tree species in urban surroundings is often the ash tree, animal habitats can only be negatively impacted.

A tree has value. On average, a mature tree adds several thousands of dollars to your property. And chopping it down is expensive, much more expensive than treating it. Treating a tree for 15 years remains a less expensive option than removal and replacement.


A single option remains, the one we recommend: treat your ash trees. It is the only choice that ensures the preservation of healthy trees on your property for years to come, without the worry of removal.  Do not risk losing your tree unnecessarily. Contact us now.

Arborjet® Tree Injection Method

A treatment with proven results across the US

Safe for pollinators and humans according to Health Canada (1), IMA-Jet treatment has proven to be effective throughout the United States for several years. Approved as a matter of urgency in Canada in 2016, the product is injected directly into the tree, eliminating any possible release into the environment. As the larva of the borer begins to consume the wood that it becomes poisoned and dies. The treatment is effective for a period of 12 to 18 months. No other product on the market is as effective.

(1) Proposed Re-evaluation Decision PRVC2016-20, Imidacloprid. (2016, nov 23).  

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